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Something Down There - Nancy Widrew



Nancy Widrew asked and I answered, “Would love to read Something Down There.”

Just looking at the cover is creeping me out, though I am not too claustrophobic when it comes to large places underground. Just don’t ask me to crawl through small holes.


Cover by Circeecorp


Something Down There

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Imagine climbing into a hole, slightly larger than you, into a chamber where you are hunched over and it  shrinks as you are forced to your hands and knees, eventually crawling on your belly. Well…I almost had to put the book down it was freaking me out. LOL


What nutbag would think finding people living in a caveway down under is a good thing? Well, Jeremy…IT’S NOT A GOOD THING!


Now, Karen and Jeremy are stuck underground with some weird people for their honeymoon. And if SHE thinks things can’t get any worse, think again. They are prisoners of the underground people.


One grotesque and otherworldly thing after another keeps the horror flowing through the pages. The tragic surprises are around every corner, but all is not lost. There is one ray of hope…


Eerie, frightening, tragic, so sad, yet hopeful. The world building and character development are right on target for a horror novel. There is a sense of impending doom hanging over their heads. I do wonder how this will end . Horrorlicious.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Something Down There by Nancy Widrew.

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