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Miracle Man - William Leibowitz
Hi and welcome to my first of two posts for the Miracle Man series. Today I will be sharing Miracle Man and Thursday, the 13th, I will be sharing The Austin Paradox, Miracle Man Book 2.
Miracle Man
The cover, those eyes, exciting, alluring, drawing me in, deeper and deeper…

WOW! My blood was boiling, my heart pounding, my palms sweating….well, you get the drift. Miracle Man is over the top fantabulous! Unputdownable!


OH NO. Here we go…


Isn’t there a government organization for everything?


The kid, 11 year old Bobby Austin…I hope the parents are suspicious about the Institute’s motivations, because I sure am!


As I write this review, I am watching Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, and Robert James Austin makes me think of Sheldon. Intelligence off the charts and socially inept, in fact he becomes so engrossed in his work, he zones people out completely, drives himself past the brink of exhaustion. But is that all that’s going on?

I can see some badness coming his way. Nevertheless, I am loving this rollercoaster ride and you couldn’t pry the book out of my hands with a crowbar.


I believe our medical research leaves a lot to be desired and so does Robert. I believe Big Pharma is more interested in creating a treatment, than a cure. But, he is in the position to do something about it. Robert puts his life on the line for his beliefs. He is driven obsessed, he cannot stop until he finds the answer.


Joe, his mentor, is someone you have to meet for yourself. All I will say is…I love the man.


The writing is excellent and the story so intense, I keep forgetting Miracle Man is fiction. I want to put my arms around Robert and tell him it will be all right. Remember, he is only 11 years old, and I am watching him grow up.


I am trying real hard not to spoil anything, so I am scanning my notes for small nuggets that can convey how much I loved this story.


So thought provoking…So many questions come to mind…


Government conspiracies, Big Pharma, betrayal, inner demons, greed, entitlement, religion…


The characters…all are well developed and unique individuals in their own right. Some I loved and some I truly hated, detested, wanted to jump into the book and punch their lights out! I empathized with some, I wanted to bury some under the jail, but they are all pivotal to evoking emotions of sadness, rage, love, and hope, and have their place in the story.


I wondered how William R Liebowitz would wrap up Miracle Man. I had some ideas and he flirted with them, but took them even further than I envisioned. Way to go, William!


This is a must read for anyone that gives a damn about the world we live in! Let’s hope some genius reads this book and gets motivated.


The interview at the end left me feeling confused. What, if anything, can change the way business and research is done? I don’t have the answers, but I know something different needs to be done.


Thank goodness I have book II, The Austin Paradox. No waiting and I am beginning it now.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Miracle Man by William R Liebowitz.

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