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A Monster Of All Time: The True Story of Danny Rolling, The Gainesville Ripper - JT Hunter

A Monster Of All Time by JT Hunter


Tour July 1 – July 31, 2019


Because I live in Florida, I am super curious to read about Danny Rolling.


A Monster Of All Time: The True Story of Danny Rolling, The Gainesville Ripper

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I would think there is no one in Florida who hasn’t heard of Danny Rolling and seeing I live here, I wanted to know more. A book taking place in a familiar location has that little bit extra.


Serial killers….Nature? Nurture? Born evil? Made evil? We can beat the subject to death, but to me the plain truth is…they made the choice…and they need to pay the price for that choice.


J T Hunter covered all the basics and then some. I want to know what makes the bad guy tick, but will that ever really be known? And what makes a woman want to be his penpal, his fiancee, his wife? Now, that, I will never understand. And that raises the question of rights. Why should we make the criminal comfortable and be treated fairly, when he…did what he did. He didn’t give two hoots in hell, so why should we?

Facts don’t tell the whole story, but how can we believe what comes out of his mouth?


And what about the innocents caught in the crossfire…those accused…their lives ruined? The media has a big responsibility and, all too often, I feel they abuse it. I won’t got into a big rant about them, but just look at the shape of the news delivered to you today via radio and TV and tell me you believe what they say and feel they are covering all the things that are pertinent to your life or just splashing the ugly across the headlines.


A Monster of All Time by J T Hunter is a true story that riled up a lot of emotions and ethical and moral questions. We all have to figure out those answers for ourselves.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of A Monster of All Time by J T Hunter.

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