The Book That Almost Wasn’t – One Taste of Redemption by Amanda Siegrist @amanda_siegrist

One Taste of Redemption - Amanda Siegrist

Due to a reader’s persistence, One Taste of Redemption by Amanda Siegrist was written. She hadn’t planned on giving this cheater his own story, but Newman refused to be silenced. Amanda does her own covers and she can sure pick the leading men.


One Taste of Redemption (One Taste, #5)

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I have read the entire series, from Book I, One Taste of You, Zeke and Zoe’s story and it has been fun to follow these Sex and the City type ladies, but instead of roaming the city looking for love, it seems to find them through the mysteries they become involved in.


Lately, I seem to find all the notes I take when reading slip by the wayside when it comes time to write the reviews. My mind seems to be in two different places and the characters dictate which scenario will be played out as I type.


Newman…what can I say. He got what he deserved when he cheated and the lies began to run rampant. He doesn’t have very good coping skills, so he tends to act out instead of facing the tough decisions. But…I feel people deserve second chances when they feel remorse. It can be a learning experience, when the offense was done ‘innocently’. He never did it with malice. He was stuck in a corner and panicked…


I love to see a character earn their redemption. None of us are perfect, so why do we expect perfection from others? Something to think about when we are placing blame and judgment on someone else.


We do need some laughs and giggles to help us get through the tough times of kidnapping and danger that dogs the unlucky siblings, Amelia and Adam. Why were they targeted?


Now…I think this will be the last story told in this series and I love the way Amanda Siegrist wrapped it up, especially when she wasn’t expecting the story to be told.


Thanks so much to the reader who insisted that Newman needed a chance…All the characters made an appearance, plus we meet a couple of new ones. After all, Newman needs some love too. He just needs a smack upside the head, a young man in need of a role model and the sister who sure could use a hand raising him.


Amanda keeps her novels…pretty clean…and loves her happy endings. Don’t we all?

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of One Taste of Redemption by Amanda Siegrist.

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