Will She Ever Stop Running – Natalie’s Art by Susan Fleet #SusanFleet

Natalie's Art (Frank Renzi Book 5) - Susan Fleet

I have become one of Natalie’s biggest fans. She is a character I can dig my teeth into and she keeps on giving in Natalie’s Art by Susan Fleet.


This is one of those reviews long overdue. I finished reading it on December 20, 2016.


Natalie's Art (Frank Renzi, #5)

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This is one of those books that a romance between the two main characters cannot be, yet there is something there…something between them…and I am sticking with the Frank Renzi series until I find out how Susan Fleet is going to end it.


Susan Fleet supplies plenty of action. Natalie is a thief, but if she has to, she will kill to save herself. She finds herself in the UK, forced to be a call girl, a whore, a thief,


stealing paintings for her lover to sell. How in the hell did she ever get herself into this situation? And how is she going to get out?


Frank Renzi has his own life, and it has made it a full one, but there is still Natalie.


Natalie’s rough life does not excuse what she does, but I do feel for her. i understand her motivation. Even making a bad choice can be better than letting someone make the choice for you.


Will she run forever? Will she ever be able to stop running?


The ending was a surprise and I loved it!


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Natalie’s Art by Susan Fleet.

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