Fabulous Book Trailer for the Class Heroes by Stephen Henning

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I have a super treat for you today.


I am a huge fan of Stephen Henning and his Class Heroes series and you don't want to miss this fabulous book trailer, giving you a glimpse into his fantastic word of these twin super heroes.


I can see this as a movie or TV series, so be sure and check it out.


I have read and reviewed all the books...so far. Check out the links below.


This is a 2-minute trailer, introducing the characters of Samantha, James and Lolly; and giving a flavor of the first four Class Heroes books.


Lolly is the villain that you love to hate or hate to love. You decide.



Here is the first book in the series, A Class Apart, that is free on Amazon.


Now is the perfect time to check it out.


Amazon US / Amazon UK





Review of A Class Apart, Book I

Review of What Happened In Witches Wood, Book II

Review of Where’s Lolly, Book III

Review of London Belongs to the Alchemist, Book IV


I love the creative and fun covers.


Click on the covers below to get your Class Heroes book, or to learn more about Stephen Henning.



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