Am I Alive? Bleedovers by William Todd Rose

Bleedovers: A Dystopian Novella - William Todd Rose

Bleedovers by William Todd Rose is a Dystopian novella that rivals Stephen King and Dean Koontz.


Bleedovers: A Dystopian Novella

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Bleedovers by William Todd Rose is a dark fiction novella that will keep you awake at night, wondering, could it happen to you.


The title didn’t make much sense to me until I started to read. Then it became clear.

OMG! The elaborate details of William Todd Rose’s world building are amazing. I am thoroughly creeped out. I sure couldn’t figure out WTF was going on. I raced through the pages, sometimes forgetting to breathe.


Chuck is a Level I Recon & Enforcement Technician – Whisk. He works in a covert, underground facility. He loves puzzles, math equations and the process of finding solutions. Chuck was investigating an unnatural death. Would it take him too?

Meditation frees the mind from the body and sometimes someone gets stuck in a Crossfade. Imagine the horror of not knowing whether you are dead or alive.

The paranormal leads to science fiction horror. The experiments invade your privacy, they know all your thoughts. I cannot imagine what it would be like to feel someone crawling through my mind, ferreting out all my secrets.


There are ghosts who refuse to move on. They have unfinished business. They delight in terrorizing. Why did the ghost scare him more than Crossfades? Being haunted and tortured by a serial killer seeking revenge and you can do nothing about it.


The details take me into his head and I feel his paralyzing terror, his inability to move to save himself, as the hatred washes over him. The ghost can cause physical damage, maybe even kill. It is all powerful. It not only enters your sleep, but your reality, making you see things. How would you fight something you cannot touch?


What is real, what is illusion?


Poltergeist is a fairy tale compared to Bleedovers by William Todd Rose.


Bleedovers is a dark, and I mean dark, speculative fiction novella that kept me enthralled beginning to end. Oh, about the ending, I didn’t see it coming and I was let down. It had to happen that way, but I didn’t want it to. That makes it all the better. We can’t always get what we want.


I received a copy of Bleedovers by William Todd Rose in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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William Todd Rose


William Todd Rose writes dark, speculative fiction from his home in West Virginia. His short stories have been featured in numerous anthologies and magazines, and his work includes the novels Cry Havoc, The Dead & Dying, and The Seven Habits, and the novellas Apocalyptic Organ Grinder and Crossfades. For more information on the author, including links to bonus content, please visit him online at


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