Giveaway & Reviews for Kinetic by S K Anthony

Kinetic - S.K. Anthony



MY REVIEW . I was confused in the beginning. What is a Luminary? Children are chosen when they are in their teens and receive injections to develop their abilities. Not everyone can be altered and join the Organization. Annie is called to investigate a breach in security at Worldsafe, where the rich people secreted the most secret of secrets. She is a badass and loves her work with the organization. She is KINETIC. She has a great teammate in Beth. Annie has strength and Beth has speed. Beth can catch the perpetrator and Annie can kick their ass. Beth has her back and covers for her when she refuses to kill Nick. The characters - some good, some bad and some down right evil. We have conspiracies and betrayals. Who do you believe and who do you trust? Who is lying and who is telling the truth? I am not sure what I was expecting from Kinetic, but it wasn’t what I found. There were no big surprises, but the “children’s” struggle to grow up and make the right decisions tested them. They had to grow up fast and had only themselves to rely on. I love superheroes and magic and enjoyed my time reading Kinetic. I will be going on to read Book II, Static. I received a copy of Kinetic by S K Anthony in return for an honest review.

3 Stars