The Artwork of Guy Erma by Sally Ann Melia Review

The Artwork of Guy Erma and the Son of Empire: An Epic SciFi Adventure brought to life by brilliant SF&F Artists - Sally Ann Melia, Lazar Kacarevic, Nevena Boskovic, Sasha Totic, Boban Radovanovic, Vladimir Eric, Julija Ljubinovic, Jelena Rajcevic


I have never reviewed an illustrated book before, but I have read the trilogy and loved it, so to meet the cast of characters and the scene of the adventure, I was happy to follow along. Not all of the characters fit my preconceived vision, but that is okay. That is why this was so much fun to read. I loved seeing what I had right and what I had wrong.


I found it interesting how the team collaborated and brought Sally’s imagination to the printed page. The Artwork of Guy Erma is a part of the Guy Erma series I was happy to add to my collection.


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