SHE will have her Justice in Night Court by Ashley Fontainne with Awesome Giveaway

Night Court - Ashley Fontainne, Jeff LaFerney, Rebecca Roberts

Night Court by Ashley Fontainne is a psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat, unable to quit reading. My knuckles were white, I held by breath. I love vigilante characters and I am behind her 100%, right from the opening pages.

Judge, Jury, Executioner

An irresistible tagline that sucked me in. I had to know…Who? What? WHY?

I’m at 90% and I can only see this ending one way. Will I be right?

Night Court is a masterpiece and Ashley Fontainne’s writing is so good, I’m caught so off guard with how far she went. I am so engrossed in Merry’s life now, that I am not ready for the end, but here goes.

Oh no, enough already. Ashley Fontainne has to snatch my feet right out from under me, leaving me stunned, silenced, my jaw dropping to my chest. The gut wrenching ending leaves me smiling through my teary eyes.

Night Court by Ashley Fontainne delves into the human psyche, not allowing the monsters to stay hidden. The twists and turns are amazing and surprising, so don’t think you know where this will end. If you want to cry for a character, scream at a character, beat a character to a pulp and then beat him again, this is a story for you. My emotion roiled, boiled, screamed and raged to be let loose. CAUTION: May make you want to throw your ereader!

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