Review: Soul of Dust by Adam Millard

Soul of Dust - Adam Millard
Soul of Dust
By Adam Millard
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: December 7, 2015
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Keywords: Urban Fantasy, Sleuth, Paranormal, Investigator, Wizard, Demons, magic, Gritty



Soul of Dust by Adam Millard reads like a wild west, gunslinging private eye mystery story. In Jack Bridger’s search for a missing girl, he has to avoid his own demons and I mean literally.


Jack Bridger is a mage, one of the best. He is a magical private investigator who takes on “special” cases. He’s arrogant and an asshole, constantly bucking the system. He’s not a good guy, even though he’s doing good things. He’s a whore dog and loves his Ginger Beer. He uses wards and spells to hide his identity. He has been banished to our world, Earth. He’s from Elsewhere and knows he has a Soul of Dust.


But…even a mage’s head can be turned by a hot dame.


I love Jack Bridger. He has a mind of his own. He doesn’t mix well with others, but somehow or other he manages to pick up a “team” that will help him find out who wants him dead.


We will battle all types of shifters, from bears and wolves to lions and monkeys, from gators to gorillas and mice to raccoons. The aswang are the worst of them all. Their food of choice reached into my “gut”, making me feel a level of disgust I don’t think I have felt for a shifter before.


I had a fun romp through Soul of Dust and caught myself laughing softly off and on. Through the fights, blood and gore, the writing had a comical tint to it. I encountered some new shifters and met some fun characters. Some overcame severe hardship to step up and do the right thing.


I have read the story before, ya know what I mean? BUT, I think we always have room for another flawed “hero” doing his best. For some reason I find them easier to root for than the goodie two shoes. I would recommend Soul of Dust for a gun tooting good time.


I received a copy of Soul of Dust by Adam Millard in return for an honest review.

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