A 5 Star Shapeshifting Romance – Running Free by K Webster ( @KristiWebster )

Running Free (Woodland Creek) - Woodland Creek, K.  Webster

I fell in love with the cover for Running Free by K Webster as soon as I saw it.

I love Doberman Pinschers and have had several of them for pets.

Now…to find a Dobie shifter…I am LOVING it!

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Cover:  Jennifer Munswami

Adult: Strong language and sexual situations.


I am a Dobie lover, so just seeing the cover for Running Free by K Webster made this a must read for me. I am so very glad she is the Dobie shifter. I love the supernatural and paranormal world, so let’s see what’s happening in Woodland Creek, Indiana.

Frankie is a 12 year old foster kid, a coming of age young girl who is driven to Run Free.

It’s ten years later and the only person she cares about is an owl shifter named Otis. At least that is what she tells herself. OtisHe is the dad she never had. She wears a collar with a “bitch” tag. Love it! It’s special touches like the tag that takes a novel to an extra level for me. Frankie has the power of intimidation and a very protective nature towards the “people” that matter to her.

Detective Gunnar Mason has come to investigate Acey’s disappearance. He is one of the “rescued” that Frankie was looking out for. She is a badass, but kids are her weakness. She goes out of her way to help them. She finds them in animal shelters, where she had spent some time herself. I couldn’t help but smile and chuckle about that. I wonder…if her and Gunnar were to get together, what would they have? Humans or puppies? LOL

There is so much about Running Free that I loved and would like to share, but I am afraid of giving too much away.

I love that Frankie thinks of her new “family” as the Brainless Horny Idiot Pace.  I love the witty and snarky dialogue that creates a tension felt through the written word. I love all the different types of shifters – we have owls, dogs, wolves, bears, tigers, swans, even a mouse. There is imprinting. Can you imprint on a mouse? I would love to tell you more about a couple of the shifters, but it is well worth your time to find out about them yourself.

I finished reading the book through teary eyes for the tragic/heartwarming end. A fabulous fantasy of shifters, love, sacrifice and a misplaced sense of revenge. The writing evoked a gamut of emotions, from anger and rage to sorrow and heartbreak to fun and laughter. And I LOVED every minute of it. LOL

My only complaint is…I WANT MORE and I want it now!

I received a copy of Running Free by K Webster in return for an honest review.

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