Giveaway & Review – At the Sharp End of Lightning by N R Bates (@NRBatesAuthor)

At the Sharp End of Lightning (Oceanlight) (Volume 1) - NR Bates

At the Sharp End of Lightning by N R Bates is a fantasy with a touch of realism. What happens when one world leaks into another? The world building was fascinating and will lead us to the answer.

Yalara is a Sea Sprite from Oceanlight and has a mission. She must find the disappeared. Yalara and Einion of Earth will join forces to accomplish the mission.

I have a love of the world of oceans and other bodies of water, so when an author puts the real with fantasy, sending us a subtle message about our part of the polluting and ecological damage we are adding to our environment, it adds that special element that keeps me reading, wanting to know how our worlds collide and the end result.

As I read along, their world became my world.

At the Sharp End of Lightning is Book I of the series and lays a great foundation for more, with lovable characters and a villain that is able to make me wonder if he is all bad. What comes next? I am eager to find out.

I loved the special touches, like Sea Sprites having slime fights. Adds that little something extra that makes me love the characters more.

Politics abound in the fantasy world too.

The story does not end here and I am eager to continue the journey and look forward to reading the next book.

I received a copy of At the End of Lightning by N R Bates in return for an honest review.


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