Mini Cozy – Murder on the Horizon by M L Rowland

Murder on the Horizon (A Search and Rescue Mystery) - M.L. Rowland

I was so happy to find I won a paperback copy of Murder on the Horizon by M L Rowland.

I mean…look at the cool cover…makes me want to take a walk in the woods…in Gracie’s woods. While I am there, I will see what trouble she finds this time.


The Cover for Murder on the Horizon by M L Rowland may have you thinking this is a cozy mystery, but it is so much more.


Gracie has a big heart and gives it freely. Why people would wish her harm, well….you have to read about her to find out for yourself. She will have you trekking the Mojave and saving people from burning buildings, befriending an abused eleven year old child and dodging bullets from the extremists…


When I first started reading Murder on the Horizon, I never anticipated the suspense and horror between the pages. The storyline kept expanding and taking me deeper into a world filled with hate.


My only complaint…I didn’t like when she entered….but what happened while she was there added some great elements to the story. This is fiction, so I will let the author take me where she will. Thanks for a exciting journey, M.


This is my first foray into M L Rowland books and I don’t feel I missed anything by starting on Book III…missed anything except more good books. So if this is going to be your first purchase of her books, why not start at the beginning, or grab all three in the series pack?

4 Stars




The Search and Rescue mystery series returns readers to Timber Creek, where the hot, dry Santa Ana winds are blowing. But more than just the threat of wildfire endangers the tiny mountain community…


Gracie and her Search and Rescue teammates are searching along the highway in the middle of the blisteringly hot Mojave Desert when they make a grisly discovery—a trash bag containing human body parts. Not long after, Gracie’s growing friendship with a ten-year-old runaway draws her unwittingly into the secretive, hate-filled world of the boy’s family—a group of gun-toting extremists. As a wildfire roars into Timber Creek, Gracie finds herself caught up in an explosive plot that, unless she stops it, will destroy countless innocent lives.

Zero-Degree Murder (Search and Rescue Mystery #1)


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