Come to the Cemetery by Jackson Dean Chase

Come to the Cemetery - Jackson Dean Chase

Come to the Cemetery by Jackson Dean Chase is a ghostly tale of love and revenge.

Does this cover make you afraid?

Well...I will tell you...DON'T GO INTO THE CEMETERY.

It could be hazardous to your health.


Come to the Cemetery (Young Adult Horror, #1)

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All Cara's friends are dropping dead and are found in the cemetery.

Her parents said she would be okay. YEAH. RIGHT.

Is she cursed? Would she be next?

She didn't shy away from the problem and went looking for answers. I like her gumption and determination.

Jake, thank God for Jake and his love for her.

A scary short story that tells me don't listen to the voices from the beyond. I will think twice before making love in the cemetery, especially on a grave.

I enjoyed this ghostly tale of a misguided...or evil?

The story is predictable, but scary with a romance and mystery.

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A weird tale of ghostly love and revenge!

All of sixteen-year-old Cara Jones's friends are dead. Their bodies were found lying atop the same grave in Duskhaven Cemetery. The coroner's report lists the girls' cause of death as "massive cerebral hemorrhage," but Cara doesn't believe it. She knows something strange and terrible is happening.

When Cara hears a voice in her head commanding her to "Come to the cemetery," she knows time is running out. With no one else to turn to, Cara asks her secret crush, Jake Rogers, for help. As they begin to put together clues, the mysterious voice gets louder and it feels like she's losing her mind...

Can Jake and Cara unravel the ancient secret before she joins her friends in death?


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