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Mending Heartstrings - Aria Glazki




Mending Heartstrings by Aria Glazki is sweet romance novel that exceeded my expectations. Romance is not one of my favorite genres, no murder or blood and guts massacres, but some of the ugly things in life does make this read as if it could be happening to a friend of mine…or yours.


Ordinary girl meets country singer.


Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to take a road trip with your very own hottie?

She’ll be traveling with Kane, Bobby, Steve…and Mitch.


Well, Sabella does. She is not your drop dead gorgeous with a figure to die for kind of gal. She is more like the girl next door and I want so much for her not to get in over her head and have her heart broken.


I love her friend, Gina. Feeling down, Gina will raise you up. I used to have a friend that reminds me so much of Gina and without her in the world the sun seems to have dimmed a little. Gina is a vibrant and colorful character, full of love and life. She only sees the upside of life, until…


I kept thinking, how can I fall in love with a novel that is all about romance, no murder, no horror, you know, those ugly things in “life”. Well the ugly does rear its head and it comes in human form.


I am surprised and delighted by how much I enjoyed Mending Heartstrings. The romance was real, with all the ups and downs that make us know we are alive and in love.


I received a copy of Mending Heartstrings by Aria Glazki in return for an honest review.

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