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STRANGER THAN FICTION - Emelle Gamble, Tammy Seidick

The title and cover for Stranger Than Fiction by Emelle Gamble are attention getters. They drew me in and I could not resist.


I love covers and think this one tells me there is trouble on the horizon.


Cover:  Tammy Seidick


What does it say to you?


Stranger Than Fiction




Claire had the feeling something was wrong…and she was right.


Claire is a buyer at a publishing house. Mr Harrison, her boss, sent her to investigate an accusation that a book they were getting ready to publish had been stolen, printed under another name. The dreaded word…plagiarism has reared it’s ugly head.


Claire considered herself boring, but to me she was one of us. You know, we are not rich, nor are we famous. We are just the average Joe helping the world go round. We all have a life and living it is not always exciting or adventurous.


The mystery grows the more I read. I’m not sure which characters are good or bad. Emelle Gamble is not giving me many clues to help me either, but I did know who the killer was early on. That’s okay, it’s all about the journey for me.


Hmmm…could we have the beginnings of a romance? I think so. But, is the player being played? Their affection in the office almost made me burst out in laughter. Love it.


The suspense is there and I am afraid for Claire. My only complaint is that when the suspense built, the pacing would slow, interrupting the flow.


3 Stars


GOODREADS BLURB:  A Classic Tale of Romantic Suspense…Set in Manhattan and Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island in 1993….


If books could kill…Plagiarism is an ugly word. And Tony Nichols keeps repeating it. Claire Kennedy is forced to consider that her bestselling, reclusive author might have stolen her latest mystery novel from one of Tony’s college students. Was Claire’s reputation, and the future of her employer, Cauldron Press, in jeopardy? Or is Tony masterminding a hoax?


The mystery takes a terrifying turn when these uneasy allies, who each realize they are more than a little attracted to one another, discover a corpse. Claire realizes that the truth behind The Poison Pen Pal’s creation not only threatens her career, but her life.

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