Review & Giveaway – The Zombie Game by Glenn Shepard

The Zombie Game (A Dr. Scott James Thriller Book 2) - Glenn Shepard



Cover:  Anne Biggs




The Zombie Game cover, title and blurb drew me into this Dr Scott James thriller and the action, suspense and mystery never let me go.


Dr Scott James is a plastic surgeon who was working on the hospital ship, Ana Brigette, trying to do his best for the Haitian people after the earthquake that annihilated the island. He never could have foreseen what was to come and I doubt he would have changed his mind if he knew. He is that kind of man. He only wanted to help and heal people, to save lives…but when necessary he can and will kill. I love a character that is tough on the outside and soft on the inside, know what I mean?


The peripheral characters…well I hated them and loved them, but JakJak is one I want to see more of. I was afraid Glenn would kill him off, but he managed to survive and developed into a character I want to know more about. I think he has a great story to tell and I want to “hear” it. What do you think, Glenn…could he be next?


I love kickass female character and I know Elisabeth has one hell of a story to tell. I have a feeling she will keep popping up, and who knows, maybe she will earn a book of her own?


We have an earthquake ravaged Haiti, their billions of dollars contained in the Relief Aid Fund, ISIS terrorists, the Pope, zombies, voodoo, action, mystery and suspense that left me wanting more.


I see more books coming and I will be following Glenn Shepard to be sure I don’t miss any of them.


I received a copy of The Zombie Game by Glenn Shepard in return for an honest review.


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