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I'm With You - Taylor Dean, Jules Isaacs

Taylor Dean’s I’m With You will not only tug at your heartstrings, it will break your heart and put it back together again. Making the hard choices is when you really know you are alive.


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I cannot imagine the paralyzing effect losing a child would have on me. Taylor Dean does an amazing job of wringing every drop of emotion from me, but leaving me satisfied at the end.


Child loss. Trisomy 18 – incompatible with life.


The heartwrenching decision. Hope. Compassion. Love. Romance.


Taylor even includes a couple of cleaning tips while Chloe is cleaning house. It is writing like this that keeps Taylor Dean’s stories “real”.


Catastrophes draw some people closer, while tearing others apart. Each person must find their way of dealing with what little control there is left in life when tragedy strikes. . The characters are so developed and complex, I feel as if I know them, some friends, others not so much.


Two women, so totally different…and Jack. Chloe is just too nice, in my book. I want her to kick some Tanya ass and maybe even smack Jack up side the head and tell him to get real. I got very pissed at Jack, and even Chloe at times. I wanted to punch Mark in the face. What a dip shit. I was so angry the last third of the book…Men…but, it is true, Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus. We all deal with things in our own way…to survive.


When I think the worst is over, Taylor throws even more terrible angst my way. I knew it was too easy for Happy Ever After. Something else had to happen. I kept waiting for the proverbially other shoe to drop. It did more than drop, it collapsed!


I’m With You left me wrung out, emotionally spent. I sat in silence, regrouping.


As I read about Jerad tears filled my eyes. I had to pause before reading Taylor’s note. Trisomy 18 is real and personal for her and her family and I would like to thank them so much for sharing their story.

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