Review for The CleanSweep Conspiracy by Chuck Waldron

The CleanSweep Conspiracy - Chuck Waldron

The CleanSweep Conspiracy



I love a good conspiracy novel and The CleanSweep Conspiracy by Chuck Waldron keeps my beliefs alive. The CleanSweep got my attention from the opening pages and if you don’t believe that there is more going on than meets the eye, you may want to get informed.


Matt is a blogger…do you post your true thoughts and feelings about controversial subjects? Would your name be on a watch list? Matt has a bulls-eye on his back and It is time for him to put all his emergency preparations into play. Will it be enough to save him?


We live Matt’s life. Those in power use the threat of terrorism and fear to watch us all. How much are you willing to give up? Are we…right now…being watched and listened to 24 hours a day? What do you think?


Who is to say who has value…the billionaire or the homeless. Whose life is worth sacrificing? Once the criminals, homeless, junkies…are gone, who is next? Where does it end?


The suspense builds, then relents, only to build again. My fear for the characters kept me reading and thinking about current events. Sure they might not be exactly the same as what Chuck Waldron has going on in The CleanSweep Conspiracy, but politicians are always muddying the waters, keeping us distracted, like a magician. If you are watching the right hand, you don’t know what the left one is doing. My conspiracy beliefs are alive and well and maybe yours should be too.


I received a copy of The CleanSweep Conspiracy by Chuck Waldron in return for an honest review.

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