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Scar Tissue - M C Domovitch
Scar Tissue by M C Domovitch has such a creepy cover, I had to find out what’s inside.
I mean…she keeps looking at me…calling to me.
Do you believe eyes reveal the secrets of the soul?
TitleScar Tissue
Author: MC Domovitch
Publisher: Lansen Publishing
Pages: 396
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Thriller/Paranormal
The cover for Scar Tissue by M C Domovitch is calling to me, that eye drawing me into the book, making me have to know what’s inside. Add to that a paranormal romantic suspense thriller and I am sold down the river.

The opening lines had me hooked…

Ciara had been kidnapped, raped and tortured, but…somehow…escaped. Then, to top it all off, she was hit by a car and now has amnesia. What more can possibly happen to the poor girl? Well…let’s read on and find out, because I have a feeling her journey is far from over.

Scar Tissue is wrapped up in an interesting ending and I see so much potential for Ciara to go into a series, to develop and use her talents to solve crimes, so I am curious to see if M C Domovitch has more in store for her. I hope so!

I received a copy of Scar Tissue from M C Domovitch in return for an honest review.
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