Romantic Suspense at its Finest – Toni Anderson’s Cold Justice Series @toniannanderson

A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice) (Volume 1) - Toni Anderson

I love a good thriller and A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson fits the bill.From the opening pages, man’s inhumanity to man rears its ugly head. Toni wastes no time in twisting and turning the plot, surprising me early, and I love it!

As things become more dangerous and complicated, I become more engrossed in a story I was already very invested in. My favorite novels are suspense/thrillers and Toni keeps the twists and turns coming, and the suspense building at a rapid pace. Criminal minds on steroids!

I LOVED A Cold Dark Place and found it almost impossible to put down, but my eyes were blurring and it was getting late…or should I say early. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the rest of the series!

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