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Bullet in the Blue Sky - Bill Larkin

The cover for Bullet in the Blue Sky by Bill Larkin hints at what’s in story for you. I love when the cover matches the story inside and if you are a fan a the dystopain with a little mystery and conspiracy, this novel is for you.


Bullet in the Blue Sky

by Bill Larkin





I love the cover for Bullet in the Blue Sky and when I read about an 8.8 earthquake hitting Los Angeles and chaos reigns, I had to have it.


Terrorism, dystopia and a mystery wrapped in a conspiracy had me traveling with Schmitty and his gang searching for one man…Shaw. Why? What is so important that they will dodge gangs and thugs as they traverse an alien landscape on their mission.

There is danger at every turn, roads blocked, bridges down, fallen buildings and fires. How many will survive?


With guns blazing…They fight, plot, plan and wonder what is really going on and who’s behind it. They strive to stop total destruction, leaving some of their fallen comrades behind.


Bullet in the Blue Sky had me thinking…could…when will this happen. That was the scariest thing of all. It could be a terrorist attack or just nature letting itself be heard. Would Los Angeles become the Wild West again?


I believe in conspiracies and put nothing past people in their quest for money and power.


I received an ARC of Bullet in the Blue Sky from Bill Larkin in return for an honest review.

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