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The Second Man - Emelle Gamble

I think Emelle Gamble has some great covers and the one for The Second Man did not let me down. It is a cover that grabs my attention, and I love that the girl is dominant, yet it hints at the romance inside.

Cover by Tammy Seidik


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The deadly mystery of The Second Man by Emelle Gamble begins in the opening pages. I love when the author puts their hooks in me right out of the gate. I have read a couple other books by Emelle Gamble and I think each book I read keeps getting better and better.


Jill’s school reunion is coming up and her bestie, Carly, is coming home from Europe with her husband and child. There will be two more men who will arrive and create all kinds of havoc for her, a triangle…of sorts.


I have an inkling of what’s coming, but Emelle Gamble does a great job of twisting and turning things, keeping me guessing. One minute I think it’s too obvious for this guy, then I’m sure it’s him. I never really thought it was the other guy, but who then?


All the time I’m reading, the suspense builds…slowly. I know something will be happening, yet I have more to learn about the characters and their motivations before I will find out.


I like that Jill didn’t immediately climb into bed with her old love, even though she wanted to jump his bones. She gives her ex the benefit of the doubt when he comes knocking on her door, even though she wants nothing more to do with him.


I am often accused of being cynical, but I think I am a realist. Why throw your trust out there willy nilly, especially after having been burned. What’s wrong with waiting for someone to prove their trustworthiness?


I can relate to her decision making process – slow and methodical. I mull it over and anticipate all the options, just like she does.


The characters are more complex than I anticipated and it kept me guessing what their actions would be. I love when I start out thinking people and events are so predictable and the author jerks me around, hopping from suspect to suspect, unable to be sure who the guilty party is until the end. Her writing misdirected me and when I found out, it was so obvious, all I could think was, good job Emelle.


I look at the very pretty cover and think this will be more of a cozy, but as I read along, I had to change my mind. The villain will bump off anyone that gets in his way or may discover his secret.


If you are looking for a great mystery that’s heavier than a cozy, yet doesn’t have blood and guts flying off every page, The Second man by Emelle Gamble is for you.


I received an advanced reading copy of The Second Man by Emelle Gamble in exchange for my honest review.

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