The Ground Shook – Seismic Crimes by Chrys Fey @ChrysFey

Seismic Crimes - Chrys Fey

I was super eager to get my hands on Seismic Crimes by Chrys Fey.


I have enjoyed her stories and I got to name a character in this one.

I can hardly wait to meet Jackson Storm.




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Seismic Crimes by Chrys Fey

Publisher:  Wild Rose Press

Cover design:  Kim Mendoza



Chrys Fey is a fantastic author who is always on the top of my reading list. She did not let me down in Seismic Crimes. Seismic Crimes picks up where Hurricane Crimes left off. The recap does not require you to read it first, though I would recommend doing so.


Beth’s journey continues with Donovan, which began in Hurricane Crimes, and now they are caught in an earthquake in San Francisco, being chased by a killer.


Is there such a thing as love at first sight? She risks a lot for him after knowing him for a day. It works for me.


Beth is an independent person, able to take care of herself, but Donovan easily fits into her life. He is hunky…hot…and action oriented, in more ways than one. Lots of romance and action, along with plenty of mystery and suspense, as Beth and Donovan take their relationship to a new level.


I am familiar with hurricanes and they don’t really scare me. There is plenty of time for preparation and if it’s going to be a big one, ya just get out of the way. Not so with earthquakes. I cannot imagine how terrifying it is to have your whole world shaking beneath your feet.


I could not help but chuckle at Beth’s thoughts while she is at the police station. It’s not starting out so well for them.


What can I say about Jackson Storm…? I love that Chrys made him a…and I see some deliciously good stuff coming next.


Humor  and romance go well together and Chrys Fey does a great job of blending them while keeping the suspense percolating.


Some sexy, hot scenes. I would recommend this for adults.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Seismic Crimes by Chrys Fey.


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