Memories From The 70’s – False Starts by Ken La Salle @KenLaSalle

False Starts: Mistakes & Missteps Growing up in the 70s - Ken La Salle, Ken La Salle, Ken La Salle

Ken La Salle is an amazing author that dips his feet into many genres.


I have enjoyed everything I have read by him, so to get a glimpse into what makes him tick is an opportunity I can’t pass up.


Are you ready to take a blast to the past…The 1970’s coming up.


False Starts: Mistakes & Missteps Growing Up In The 70s


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Normally I am getting lost in make believe, but now and then I feel a need to gain insight into the real world, and to learn more about an author that I enjoy is an opportunity I can’t pass up.


I have read several of Ken La Salle’s wonderful, wacky and creepy books, so to learn where all that talent came from is something I was more than happy to do.


A box of memories started this journey.


“It was the hippest of times. It was the funkiest of times. It was the 1970s.”


What would your box of memories hold?


In False Starts, Ken La Salle shares his life during the 70s. Do you remember what you were doing?


His talk of TV and music strikes home to me. A lot of people think the 60s was a time of change, but the 70s brought so many more options for our viewing and listening pleasure. Do you remember Hot Wheels, 45s, or the Smother’s Brothers, who were only on one season because they were too disrespectful?


Ken La Salle grew up poor with his mom and siblings. I cannot understand from personal experience the lack of enough food, going hungry and no clothes to wear. It wasn’t like I had a lot, but I had what was needed and an occasional goodie or two.


It’s hard to feel sad for Ken when I was reading the book, because of his writing style. Is it a positive spin he puts on it or is it his drive to find what he was good at, what would work for him and make his life a good one. I find myself nodding and smiling as I read along sharing similar memories.


He finds those moments of light and happiness that shine through the darkness.


I thoroughly enjoyed this trip down memory lane and getting to know an author I plan on following for a long time.  I think it is because of his upbringing that he is able to write so well in very different genres with his humorous bent shining through the written words.


As long as you are moving forward in life, it can appear to you as though it were a series of False Starts.


I can only imagine what fun it would be to listen to this in as an audiobook., which is available.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of False Starts from Ken La Salle.

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