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Threading the Needle - Gabriel Valjan

I was drawn into the Roma Series because of the fabulous covers and the storyline.

It made me think of Kathy Reichs and the the TV series, Bones, with her forensic anthropology, only for a character that specializes in forensic accounting.

We continue our adventure in Milan, Italy and bullets will fly.



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The Roma Series continues in Threading The Needle by Gabriel Valjan. I am excited to see what Bianca and her band of cohorts will encounter next in Milan, Italy.


We are back with some familiar characters and the stakes are higher than ever. Conspiracy is alive and well.


The infighting between the police for territory and jurisdiction and the political machinations dog down their investigation into the murders and mystery. Politics is a dirty business and heads will fall, bodies too.


Gotta be pretty sharp to run the gauntlet and find the answers.


A little manipulation can be in order, and it does keep me on the hook as I try to figure out why they do what they do sometimes..


As the mystery unfolds, I think Bianca, a forensic accounting cyber nerd, has the answers, but…


Sometimes there is so much going on, I lose track of where I’m going. Am I purposely being mislead so I can’t find the answers?


Is it just me that I feel like I am being schooled rather than on a journey for my own entertainment? If you enjoy step by step police procedurals and some a glimpse into Italy’s history, this is for you.


I love the concept of this series so much, I wonder why I am having such difficulty with it. Is it because of the location…Italy and all that entails, their customs and history?


I took a little time and read other things between the books, but to see if it makes a difference, I will be diving right into Turning To Stone, Book IV. I believe these books can stand alone, but if you want to know all the details of the continuing characters, start at the beginning.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Threading The Needle from Gabriel Valjan.

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