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Remnants (Brandon Fisher FBI) - Carolyn Arnold


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Remnants by Carolyn Arnold



GENRE: Mystery





I love thrillers, suspense, murder and serial killers, not necessarily in that order. LOL

Remnants by Carolyn Arnold has them all.


It is amazing how quickly someone can just vanish. There one minute, gone the next.

Body parts are being found in a Georgia river. A leg here, an arm there, here a skull, there a torso, but no hands or feet. Why?


The parts don’t match. How many bodies are there?


A serial killer is on the loose.


Step by step, clue by clue, law enforcement follows the path to the Unsub in a Criminal Minds fashion.


You may not want to eat before you read this. The killings are brutal, gruesome, savage.


The case became more involved than I thought it would when I first started reading. I didn’t put all the pieces together until the last part of the book and it was Carolyn Arnold that took me there. I love that I can’t figure it out early. Keeps the mystery alive.


Though, if the book is well written it doesn’t matter…either way is fine with me.


There are some seriously messed up characters that deserve worse than they got.

The FBI team had issues of their own. Makes them come across as realistic people.

I love these kind of stories and would highly recommend following the stand alone series.


I voluntarily reviewed a copy of Remnants of Carolyn Arnold.


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