One Sentence Review – Investing Isobella by Jason Werbeloff @JasonWerbeloff

Investing Isobella: A Sci-Fi Horror - Jason Werbeloff

The Creepy cover for Investing Isobella by Jason Werbeloff makes me eager to begin reading this sci-fi and horror short story.


How about you?


Investing Isobella


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Investing Isobella is a creepy and unsettling story of a man’s careless decision that may cost him the thing most dear to him, until he makes an even dumber mistake that I revel in while my emotions go from anger and being super pissed off to a smile on my face and a sense of satisfaction at the end.


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars


GOODREADS BLURBPaul Sanders is a desperate man. He and his daughter, Isobella, are weeks away from living in the Gutter.


Enter Jono Falanges, a greasy stockbroker who promises Paul all the money he needs, and more. The only catch is, Paul must invest Isobella’s health on the stock market.

Plunge down the slippery slope of morality with Investing Isobella, a horrifying sci-fi novella. You won’t look at your investments the same way, ever again.


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