Are We Facing Extinction? Dark Light Dawn by Jon Land & Fabrizio Boccardi @jondland

Dark Light: Dawn - Jon Land

Jon Land has been a go to author for me from way back.


He is stepping outside his comfort zone in Dark Light Dawn, a horror thriller, and I am super excited to find out…


This is an early review and the book is now up for pre order and will be released August 1, 2017.


Dark Light: Dawn

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I have been a huge fan of Jon Land’s for many years and I am always eager to pick up another one of his novels.


Dark Light Dawn is a new genre for Jon Land and he has outdone himself. The opening is the hook, slowly reeling me in character by character, event by event, a war between good and evil ravages the world, innocents and guilty alike falling in agony.


Jon Land keeps the mystery going, slowly sharing pieces of what brought the world to this cataclysmic place, making it impossible for me to put the book down. Will anyone survive? Are we facing extinction?


The story is told from multiple points of view and I enjoyed seeing each character’s perspective and motivation.


It all began with Ben Younger…


Ben Younger and his partner, Dale Denton, are drilling oil, or at least trying to, on the impact crater of The Big Bang. Is it cursed, or is the Mexican way of doing business too costly. I guess that tells us there will be surprising developments arising.


Will arrogance and greed be Dale Denton’s downfall?


Max Younger, Ben’s son was in the fight of his life in Yemen. He functioned as if a man in auto mode, like he has a sixth sense. NOW, he’s in an even bigger fight and there is so much more at stake than just his life.


Vicky is a wiz with disease, having worked for the CDC and WHO and is called to Jordan.


Al-Qadir in Iraq, is a ruthless savage, hell bent on torturing and killing all those  who oppose him.


Science fiction, religious, paranormal and supernatural, horror…you decide.


The minute I thought I had everything figured out, the worst is over…


Holy Moly, what can I say?


The tension goes on and on and on and one.


Dark Light Dawn by Jon Land filled me with so many emotions, I was spent by the time I read the last word….but, please Jon….I WANT MORE!


Amazing! Mind shattering!

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 5 Stars

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