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Implicit: Soul Invictus (The Spirit Invictus Series) - Mark Tiro


Do you believe in Reincarnation and second, third….and more chances to get it right? Meet Maya, as she travels through her many lives in Implicit Soul Invictus by Mark Tiro.


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Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe in second, third, fourth….chances to get it right? Mark Tiro gives Maya many chances to make the right choice at the right time. I haven’t read many books about reincarnation, but if it goes down like it does for Maya, I’m not sure I want to know.


I was angry and fuming from the opening pages. I feel for Maya and wonder where we’re going from here. I am so pissed for her and at the arrogant, spoiled rich shit. Then…it really goes to hell in a hand basket, as gunmen let loose, bullets fly, bodies fall, and blood runs.


In everyone’s life, a crucial moment comes when they could change the outcome of an event. Would it be for the better?


As I read Implicit my Mark Tiro, it seems the good die young and senselessly. For what? Is it random?


The life and death scenarios of Maya’s present and past lives showcase moments in her life where action can change the outcome.


Heartbreaking, angering, frustrating…


Follow your heart, don’t let others words sway you to do what you feel is wrong.


Sometimes the road traveled is bumpy and twisted, but it is life and we never know what tomorrow will bring.


Does your life pass before your eyes as you die? Is there life after death? Only losers play the what if game, holding onto grudges that hurt them more than anyone else.


Maya’s lives run the gamut of emotions, sadness, happiness, anger, envy…Definitely food for thought.


 I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Implicit Soul Invictus by Mark Tiro.

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