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All Good Things - Perry Prete


I found Perry Prete through a blog tour and I am so glad I did. this is my second book of his to read and I have three more waiting on my Kindle for their turn, so stay tuned for more great stories.


How about the simple yet very effective on hooking me cover? What do you think?


Cover: Digiwriting


Publisher: Sands Press


All Good Things (Ethan Tennant Series)

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Perry Prete takes his real life work and twists it into fiction novels, giving his books the feel of being a true story.


I love Tom, Ethan’s hunky sweet partner. Does his job the way you wish everyone would. Tom is one special guy and, if I ever need an ambulance, I hope he shows up. He is a gentle caring, patient man. 


It started out a normal day at work, but not when we reached apartment 318. He, literally, stepped in it. He noticed something odd…it looked like an upside down cross brushed on the victim’s forehead. He felt the need to follow up on the call. He couldn’t let it go.

An upside down cross has many meanings, one of which is a public execution.

He found there was more than one curious death.


His bud, Galen, is the lead on the murder case. They are close friends, playing off each other. Galen is sort of a red headed British overweight Columbo. What a fabulous description is that. Makes it very easy to picture him, and we do see a lot of him.


The humor is understandable. Like anyone in a high stress job, humor helps people get through the bad. The urinal scene had me cracking up. Boys will be boys.


He was having fun with the killings, smiling while watching the police at the crime scene. The killing had now become sexual for him. He got off on it. He gets sicker with each passing moment. He had become…


He calls Ethan and the game is on. Why is he being singled out by the killer?


I got a bit of a rush from that ambulance ride.


Did you know that firefighters are water fairies? LOL


Oh man, there is so much sadness. The deaths become more gruesome as he comes into his own. And this may so sick, but I am enjoying it more. The darker, the more evil the villain becomes, the more I love him.


The pacing kept the suspense on an even keel, always there, endangering the characters. The more I get to know the characters, the more I like them, even the evil villain. I think Tom is my favorite though.


This is Perry Prete’s first novel and it was a great one. Very well done. I loved it. Some great characters, plenty of murder and mayhem, loss and love, danger and evil. I am not sure what’s missing. why am i not blown away, because it has all the thing I love…could it be romance? Of course, this is a series, so maybe he’s saving that. You know, a slow burn instead of a hot flash.


I look forward to reading more of his work, watching him grow as an author, creating more mystery and suspense, because…there is one question not answered. The story could end here, or, it could come to life in the next book.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of All Good Things by Perry Prete.

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