Don’t Drink The Kool Aid – Scapegoat by Adam Howe @Adam_G_Howe

Scapegoat - Adam Howe, James R. Newman

Woo Hoo! More quirky and outrageous horror courtesy of Adam Howe.


Enter…If you dare.



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Okay….Here we go on another wildassed adventure.


A house on wheels, three mangy rednecks and a Wrestlemania road trip. I feel nothing can go wrong. ‘as I chuckle under my breath’


Some men never grow up, and Mike’s friends, Lonnie and Pork Chop are a perfect example.


They decide to take a shortcut and I know nothing good can come of that, but I sure am eager to find out what kind of trouble they find. They, literally, run into the “goat”, causing a crazy band of vicious, coldblooded cultists to chase them down.


Have no fear. Adam has a way of taking his flawed and twisted characters and turning them into lovable friends that come through at the end, but at what cost. He kills his characters off with no shame, probably laughing with glee as Another One Bites the Dust.



This action packed, fire and brimstone apocalyptic tale leaves me wondering…does anyone survive when the line between good and evil is blurred? Be careful…if you let pride…think you know it all….Arrogance is not an asset.


One minute I felt the truth of it all and the next I felt I was in hell with Sam and Dean Winchester.


Adam Howe shattered my expectations, leaving me loving and hating Mike and his band of misfits…and looking forward to their next twisted adventure.

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Scapegoat by Adam Howe.

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