Archeological Artifacts – Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day @Alyssa_Day

Atlantis Unleashed (Warriors of Poseidon) - Alyssa Day

Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day is the third story in the Warriors of Poseiden series and all I can say is…this is the best one yet!

Atlantis Unleashed (Warriors of Poseidon,  #3)

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The first chapter covers the end of Book II, Atlantis Awakening, so you could begin the series here, but you would have missed so much of the goodness, I recommend beginning with Book I, Atlantis Rising.


Ever since Keely had touched the wooden fish placed around her neck, she could see him…her blue haired warrior.


Who is she…the face Lord Justice keeps seeing?


I am lovin’ these fabulous love stories filled with magic and wonder. Each set of characters are unique in their own way, with secrets to be revealed. I love the feistiness of the female protagonists and their male warriors can TRY to control them all they want.


It was so funny when Brennan met Tiernan. Laughing through some very funny situations. I do like to enjoy my danger and torment.