Prepare To Be Scared Shitless – Evil Stalks The Night by Kathryn Meyer Griffith @KathrynG64

Evil Stalks the Night - Kathryn Meyer Griffith

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The mind blowing cover for Evil Stalks the Night by Kathryn Meyer Griffith was done by Dawn Dominque. I have read a lot of her books and she never ceases to amaze me with the quality of her writing and her vivid imagination that brings her stories and characters to life.


What do you think of this beauty?


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Ahhhh, summer vacation. The memories. BUT…she felt like she was being watched.

DON’T GO IN THE WOODS! How many times must we be told. LOL


Her terror starts early. What do you see in the woods? Shadows? Flickers of life? Sarah knows what she see all those years ago, though no one believed her. She believes she is in this alone.


I love the feeling of dread that hangs on every word, every sentence, every page. I love that Sarah studies everything about the supernatural that she can get her hands on, preparing for what is to come. She believes in her God and loved her Catholic school days. She walks in both worlds. She is older than her years, strong, determined to keep those she loves safe.


Life had been hard for her, so much pain and loss. She has her son and her brother, Jimmy. Everyone else is gone. She had left, but it called her home and it was time to finish it. They are trapped and I can feel her, gathering herself, preparing to fight to the death. The big question, who will survive. I will be worrying, not just about the evil, but Kathryn Meyer Griffith too. She isn’t afraid to kill off her characters.


At times, the fun dialogue made me forget the danger. That is how good Kathryn Meyer Griffith’s writing is to me. I look at the story as an adventure and I am just along for the ride, and a wild ride it is.


Kathryn Meyer Griffith has the ability to lull me into a sense of complacency even when I know evil is to come. Life goes on in a normal fashion…until, wham, bam…I don’t know how many times I thought I knew what was going to happen or that the end was near, only to be given more, another terror, another event of devastating proportions.


Shades of her true life share some of the pages, but I hope she doesn’t walk the woods at night looking for evil anywhere but in her mind! LOL


Wowed. Amazed. And she broke my heart.

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