A Freak Winter Storm – Whispered Pain by Ashley Fontainne @AshleyFontainne

Whispered Pain - Ashley Fontainne

This cover for Whispered Pain by Ashley Fontainne is different from the one on Amazon, which you can see below. I love them both, but I think this one is my favorite. I won this some time ago and read it back in 2015.


Ashley does a lot of covers herself and I believe this is one of them.


Whispered Pain

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Ashley Fontainne is an award winning author and I have read a lot of her books. I won this back in 2015 and shame on me for waiting so long to share such a fabulous story.

A snow storm…don’t ya just love a story that starts out like that. Bad things happen during storms in novels. LOL Ya know, like when the town rolls up the sidewalks like it’s the end of the world, telling all to go home and stay there. Ashley Fontainne has a way with words and her writing brings the scenes to life in vivid detail, making me feel as if I am there.


She adds the details to her characters personalities that bring them to life, adding those bits and pieces that make you feel empathy, fear, and the need to save them. I feel like I walk in their world, wearing their shoes.


The devastation caused by the death of Angie’s sister ruined her family, created a distance from everyone. Death, a loss so deep they can’t recover.


I knew from the first sentence that Whispered Pain would be another awesome read. I had a feeling I knew what was coming and as the horror comes full on to Angie, my suspicions are confirmed. I can’t help but smile with wicked glee in anticipation. Ashley Fontainne can take me to the lowest low, a despair so deep I don’t have the strength to fight it…Until…a spark ignites, a fire of determination, a rage that comes to life, as if it is a physical thing. I raged with her.


WTF Who died and made these men God?


The plot is filled with twists and turns that kept a smile on my face as if it was a present to open through Ashley Fontainne’s words. I love that she brought the story full circle.

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