Monday Mini – A Mighty Rolling Thunder by Kerry Alan Denney @KerryDenney

A Mighty Rolling Thunder - Kerry Alan Denney, Nicolle Brown, Edd Sowder


A Might Rolling Thunder by Kerry Alan Denney is another one of those books that slipped through the crack. I finished reading it on 11.14.16 and loved it. Soooo…here we go.


Love the fabulous cover by Nicolle Brown Designs.


A Mighty Rolling Thunder

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A Mighty Rolling Thunder by Kerry Alan Denney starts out so nice…but it quickly turns into a run for her life for Livy…enter Conor, a guy with no memory…


At 17% it hit me…I have had those same thoughts. What would I do? How far would I be willing to go if the shit hit the fan? Lawlessness, fear, hunger, need, desire…The Rapture…the people are gone, just vanished.


Could you imagine talking to your dog, yeah, I know you already do, but what if he really understood you…and talked back?


Victor, oh yeah, he’s the villain and he wants to rule the world and would do anything to make it happen. Power, he wants it.


Free will. Do you choose to share joy or sorrow? Hope or despair? Love or damnation?


I enjoy a desolate world with a cast of characters that must band together to survive.


Throw in some magic (?), and I am in heaven. Too bad these guys weren’t, but it sure did make for a great story because of it.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of A Mighty Rolling Thunder by Kerry Alan Denney.


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