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Silence in the Woods - J.P. Choquette

J P Choquette asked me if I would like to read Silence in the Woods and I gave her a quick yes. I love anything to do with the woods and a good scare, maybe meeting Bigfoot, gotta go for it. How about you? Would you go looking for Bigfoot?


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Silence in the Woods (Monsters in the Green Mountains Book 1)

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Four went into the woods…only one came out…with a harrowing story that got him locked up in an asylum.


The group of friends had went into the woods to photograph the elusive creature that was reputed to be the cause of missing people.


The book alternates between when they went into the woods and Paul’s story after he came out…alone.


Paul is determined to return. He feels that his wife, Jane, is still alive and hopes their friends are too. BUT…there is more than Bigfoot on the loose and he will, again, have to fight for his life.


We have plenty of mystery, action and horror. Also a bit of Indian mythology going on. So all I can say is…be careful of those hieroglyphs and hikes in the woods. I love stories about the woods and I would and do enter…willingly. Would you?


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Silence in the Woods by J P Choquette.

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