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Gideon - Alex Gordon

I have made a huge dent in back reviews that have been sitting, waiting…and waiting. I am close to reaching my goal for this year, the first round through my notebooks and review list. I won’t get everything done, but I am happy with the challenge and my progress.


I read Gideon on 6.2.16 and gave it a 5 star rating for this debut thriller. I love Alex Gordon’s work and can only imagine how far Alex Gordon will go in her career. I plan on being around to see.


Gideon (Lauren Reardon #1)

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Lauren’s fate is sealed with the death of her father. He tried to protect her, but the lure for answers about death and danger surrounding her beckons her to Gideon, where He waits.


Alex Gordon”s story takes us from Seattle, Washington, to Gideon, Illinois.

Gideon was a crossroads for evil.


HE is surrounded by woods and darkness, where the dead don’t stay dead. Have I hooked you yet?


The town’s people job was to keep the darkness from crossing over.


Could Lauren be the one to stop HIM for good? Would innocence and naivety in the ways of evil and magic win out?


From the 1800s and burning at the stake to cell phones, potions and spells, evil rises and good does it’s best to prevail.


Both good and evil characters will die, so be careful who you get attached to and be prepared to grieve for the characters taken before their time.


I was a bit slow to get involved, but once Lauren traveled to Gideon, I found the pace picking up and my need to know what happens next rising to such a high level I found it hard to put the book down.


BUT…the story is not over and I am so happy to have Book II, Jericho, here at my side, ready to crack open and see what challenge faces Lauren next. I wrote that in my notes, but I reviewed Jericho before Gideon. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. LOL


Gideon wraps up the story in a great way and I feel it can stand alone, but I rated Jericho 5 stars, so I think ,once you begin, you would have to know more.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Gideon by Alex Gordon.

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