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The Sheriff Meets His Match: A Wounded Hearts Novella - Jacquie Biggar

The Sheriff Meets His Match came to me back on October 21, 2016. I think I received a copy for following her newsletter, but I put it on my review list, read it, and promptly forgot about it.


I loved the cover and it sounded like a fun read. Plus, being a novella, it would be a quick one. I am happy to be marking this off my review list and sharing it with you.

The Sheriff Meets His Match (Wounded Hearts #4)

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I was smiling from the getgo. I love a hunky, needy character like Sheriff Jack, who isn’t taking himself too seriously. I feel the humor and fun will be coming in waves and it all starts when he pulls over his sexy new secretary, Laurel Thomas, for driving like a crazy person on the snow covered road…and the mystery begins.


I love when I can relate to the little things, like using my credit card to scrape the ice off my windshield. I left the cold for Florida and Laurel Thomas left Florida for the cold. lol


The descriptive writing made the scenes easy to visualize the car sliding, fishtailing on the slippery snow covered road, the deputy knocking his hat against his leg to clean it of snow, her sexy legs as she slides out of the car, the Charlie Brown Christmas tree…you get the drift.


He comes to her rescue, only to nearly bowl her over, banging her head, with his gun drawn. Even in danger, there is humor.


“Men. You can’t live with them, and you can’t shoot ’em. It’s a felony.”


A snowball flew…I found myself snorting, laughing through it all. I love the little details that make the story feel real.


It’s obvious, the story is a romance, so we will have plenty of that. It’s the journey that makes The Sheriff Meets His Match so much fun. There is danger, but I got so caught up in the characters themselves, that their personalities and antics is what I remember most.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Sheriff Meets His Match by Jacquie Biggar.

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