One Sentence Review – Jingle Bell Bum by Patricia Hanrion #PatriciaHanrion

The Jingle Bell Bum - Patricia Hanrion

A feel good story perfect for the holiday season.


The Jingle Bell Bum

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A short but intense and heartwarming story that brought tears to my eyes as young and old alike come together, giving, sharing, and adding so much goodness to everyone’s life.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars



Joseph was a shabby imitation of Santa Clause with his Salvation Army kettle in front of a K-mart, but what no one could have guessed was that Joseph was a miracle waiting to happen. This inspiring Christmas story tells the true tale of how a group of teenage carolers changed the life of a down-and-out bum. A moving and unforgettable read!


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