Walk On The Dark Side with The Psycho Collection by B R Paulson @bonnierpaulson

Psycho Inside Me - Bonnie R. Paulson



Action from the getgo.


The sheriff’s son, Deegan, helps the preacher’s daughter cover up the death of bad boy Bobby. They were friends, but this changed their relationship, brought them closer.

Her instinct was to take his ring for a trophy, but Deegan had a better idea. A tattoo.

The death changed her and now she is on the run. She is fueled by nightmares of Bobby, but determined not to be caught.


Are monster born or raised? That age old question, what creates a monster? I am always curious about what drives people to do some of the most heinous acts to others.

Justice doesn’t always come to the rescue and sometimes taking the matter into your own hand is the only answer. I do believe the world has a lot more grey, than black and white.


I didn’t see the direction Bonnie R Paulson was going to take with Psycho Inside me, but I do love the Bonnie and Clyde vigilante aspect. I can always relate to a vigilante and I guess that says something about me. LOL She is a badass psycho and I love her…and her boyfriend too. I feel her need to take down the bullies and pedophiles that prey on children. They do deserve the worst that can be heaped on them…and her name is Cassie.


She trained. She is only a young teenager, but she becomes a predator, created by those whotreated her as prey. I love how she is changing from her 13 year old innocent ways, forcing herself to become a calculating weapon of justice. Fine by me is she wipes out the perverts. You may feel the same way after reading about the degenerates.


The world is dark, with rays of sun shining through when the clouds lift in her mind.

How will this end? Will she be killed in one of the attacks? I want it to end well for her, regardless of what she has done. I love a characters that can win me over so completely.


Molestation and sexual assault are difficult subjects to face and talk about, but Bonnie R Paulsonwants you to know…YOU ARE NOT ALONE..you can survive.


Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R Paulson….BLEW MY MIND.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R Paulson.

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