Walk On The Dark Side with The Psycho Collection by B R Paulson @bonnierpaulson

Dictating Death - Bonnie R. Paulson



I’m going over the falls and into deep water. And I go willingly.


Maria hated waiting for the death part. The fun was in the lead-in to the final act – the revenge.


The creepiness of the cover drew me in and after reading the blurb, I was hooked. Knowing what’s inside only whet my appetite for blood. And I got it. Right from the getgo. From the opening pages the knife was cutting, the blood flowing, the torture beyond belief. It wasn’t enough to kill. It must be a long, drawn out, painful and excruciating death. And Maria reveled in it.


Samantha and Maria are at odds with each other. Samantha wants to love Doctor Luke Lawson, while Maria wants to kill him. Call them the Threat Specialists – one is proud, the other horrified. What is the end game? What creates someone so twisted, reveling in brutality, savagery, enjoying the kill? Maybe you will find out…if you read Dictating Death by Bonnie R Paulson


I voluntarily reviewed a copy of Dictating Death by Bonnie R Paulson

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