#5StarReview – Itsy Bitsy Spider by Willow Rose @MadamWillowRose

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Willow Rose

I actually picked up Itsy Bitsy Spider by Willow Rose on an Amazon free day on 11.22.14. I didn’t read it until 6.8.19, but that’s not the books fault. LOL


I am thoroughly creeped out by spiders, so I do love this cover.


Itsy Bitsy Spider (Emma Frost #1)

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Oh Astrid. My heart is breaking and I’ve only read the Prologue. I am one of those people that love Prologues and Epilogues.


Emma Frost is new to the island due to an inheritance, a house from her grandmother. let’s see what kind of trouble will come her way, seeing I know Willow Rose from other stories of hers I have read and she tends to blow my mind.


There’s a murder next door. “Welcome to the neighborhood.”


Willow has a way of grabbing me by the throat, gaining my full attention as I struggle like the characters to survive the evil.


WTF! Sure led me down a twisted, horrifying path to the killer.


Willow Rose draws me in slowly…I know it’s hard to come up with something new..and BAM, in your face, but Willow seems able to do that many times over!


From past to present an evil secret in Emma’s family is expose.


Blew me away. Saying OMG, Omg, omg…


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