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The Whispering Room - Dean Koontz

I have been a long time fan of Dean Koontz, though I haven’t reviewed many of his books. I especially love his old time horror, but The Whispering Room is horror of a human kind and I am lovin’ the Jane Hawk series.


The Whispering Room (Jane Hawk, #2)

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The Whispering Room by Dean Koontz is Book II of the Jane Hawk series. The books need to be read in order, and when I started the series, I had no idea there are five books, looooong books, but I am lovin’ them.


The Whispering Room picks up where The Silent Room leaves off.


I must warn you about the characters. There are so many great ones introduced, but many will not survive, so be careful who you become enamored with. She has ‘friends’ that offer their help, some willingly, some not so willingly, but this is a solo operation and she works best alone.


“They’ll all know about you in The Whispering Room.”


I loved when Jane put her mission aside to render assistance to a family. It shows what kind of person she really is. This is a nice touch, because most of the story is spent with Jane traveling here to there in search for answers.


The high and mighty sociopaths are culling the population. Why? What makes the victims such a threat? How did they even come to think of such horror? And all the other twisted, perverted things they do?


Iron Furnace, Kentucky makes the Stepford Wives look like child’s play.


Utopia…one man’s vision is another man’s horror.


I know, with the digital world we live in, there is no such thing as privacy. Every time we step foot outside our homes, we are being watched. Anyone can be found anywhere. But there are even more threats out there and I wonder if something like this could happen in the future.


I loved that I made a quick appearance, or at least my name did, Sherry. That’s always fun to see.


The action ramps up in The Whispering Room. I was not able to quit reading, rapidly flipping the pages and I mourn for some of the characters that fall victim.


Are ‘they’ going to ‘win’? How can they not? But this is fiction, so I know (?) Jane has to come out victorious.


I checked out The Whispering Room by Dean Koontz from the library and have already downloaded the next book, The Crooked Staircase.


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