From My TBR – Lethal Circuit by Lars Guignard @Lars_Gu

Lethal Circuit - Lars Guignard

Lethal Circuit by Lars Guignard is the oldest book on my want to read shelf of Goodreads. I added it on 5.13.12, the same month I joined Goodreads and began blogging. That’s a long time to wait…


Lethal Circuit

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I feel Lethal Circuit by Lars Guignard reads like a Clive Cussler novel or an Indiana Jones movie and I do love a grand adventure.


Michael flies to China to investigate his father’s so called accidental death. The shit hits the fan as soon as he lands…and thank goodness Kate was there. Was it by coincidence?


Well, there are plenty of twists, turns, and betrayal that kept me reading until the last page was turned. I do love book surprises, and Lethal Circuit has its fair share.

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