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Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter - C.A. Verstraete

I have had my eye on the Lizzie Borden: Zombie Hunter series for some time now and was sooooo happy when she asked me if I wanted to review the books. YAY!


Are you ready? Let’s start by checking out this fabulous cover by Jaun Villar Pardon.


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I have been following C A Verstraete for a little while now, and was ecstatic when she asked if I wanted to review Lizzie Borden: Zombie Hunter and my reply was a resounding…YES.


Want to know what really happened in the Borden household on that fateful night? It’s not what you’re thinking and I love what the author has done with this familiar story of murder and betrayal. Sooooo, be prepared for a savage tale of survival.


Lizzie Borden: Zombie Hunter by C A Verstraete was a lot of what I expected, but the author has treated me to some twists and turns, suspense and savage do or die fighting that makes this an action packed story that kept me flipping the pages.


I loved watching Lizzie grow and change throughout the story, becoming the zombie hunter she knew she could be. The battles to survive are savage, brutal, with blood and heads flying along with the bullets.


I wondered how Christine would twist the story, and a conspiracy fits very nicely.


I lov the ending and want to see what happens in the next sword slashing, gun blazing zombie killer story.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Lizzie Borden: Zombie Hunter by C A Verstraete.

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